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  • Personal Statement

    Hi Tulane! My name is Maya and I want to be your next Executive Vice President (EVP). I believe that through collaboration between students and USG we can create innovative solutions to the persistent problems that impact our Tulane community.


    As a member of the President’s Cabinet for the last two years, and serving currently as Director of Student Engagement (DSE), I’ve improved the transparency and knowledge of USG among the student body. As DSE, I’ve created platforms for students to share their voices through the Sexual Violence Prevention Town Hall, the Race and Inclusion Student Forum, and numerous Round Tables. I’ve planned events to increase involvement (i.e. the Committee Fair and “How TU USG”), as well as programs to connect students to their representatives (i.e., “Get TU Know Your Senators”). I also designed a Canvas page where pertinent USG information can be viewed. After spending the past two years working closely with and learning from the current EVP, I’m eager to take on this role to cultivate continued communication between students and USG to more successfully bridge the gap between students and administration.


    In this new role, my main priority will be to amplify your voice by creating more opportunities to share opinions, as well as improving your representation. I will do everything in my power to advance sexual violence prevention legislation, one of the most pressing issues facing Tulane. I will continue to adapt USG’s constitution to uplift students and organizations, empowering them to enact change. With my experience, dedication, and organization, I can lead us forward. Trust me to be your EVP!


  • Meet the Candidate

    A sneak peak into Maya's daily adventures!

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    When I was really little, I thought my name was Yaya and convinced all of the students in my pre-school to chant my name. Yaya Yaya!!

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    Hometown: Seattle, Washington

    Growing up in Washington instilled in me the values of being compassionate to the environment and celebrating individual differences.

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    Neuroscience & Public Health Major

    When not working on USG initiatives, I love to learn about the brain and how different drugs interact with the nervous system. In the future, I plan to develop pharmacological treatments for Autism.

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    Studied Abroad in Copenhagen

    I love to travel & explore new sites both here in New Orleans and around the globe! The summer after my freshman year I studied abroad in Copenhagen.

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    Off Campus Involvement

    Outside of USG, I am a very active member of the New Orleans community. I have been interning at the New Orleans Child Advocacy Center for 2 years working to reduce the burden of childhood sexual and physical abuse and serving as a resource for those impacted. I also volunteer at the New Orleans Children's Hospital in the NICU. I currently work in the Learning and Brain Development Lab researching the relationship between attention and eye movement. I have also served on Tulane Panhellenic Council as the Vice President of Scholarship. Tulane has provided me with so many opportunities to get engaged in the community, and I hope to work to add even more opportunities to suit every individual's interests!

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    Maya's Mark on USG

    In my 2 years on USG, I have served on the President's Cabinet in 2 different capacities. My sophomore year I served as the Freshman Leadership Program Coordinator running a cohort of freshmen. The goal of this program is to connect students to resources enabling them to affect change on campus. Through FLP, I learned how to navigate barriers between USG and administration to make the freshmen's projects as successful as possible.


    This year, I am serving as the Director of Student Engagement. This role provided me with the opportunity to increase accessibility, transparency, and student involvement in USG. I worked closely with the Vice President of Student Life to run the Sexual Violence Prevention Town Hall, Race & Inclusion Student Forum, and multiple round tables on topics ranging from dining to the student athlete experience. I have worked tirelessly to connect students with their representatives to affect their desired change through programs like Coffee with Senators and How TU USG. By creating initiatives like Complain for a Cookie and the Suggestions Box, I have increased the accessibility to outlets for students to provide their input. Additionally, I created a Canvas page to make the legislation and bylaws of USG immediately available and further increase interaction between students and their representatives. I also partnered with various news outlets such as the Hullabaloo and WTUL to keep students updated on USG's initiatives.


    I look forward to continuing this work if elected to be your EVP!

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    What is Executive Vice President?

    The role of Executive Vice President has two components. The first job of the EVP is to lead and organize the President's Cabinet. The Cabinet is made up of eight positions, each an expert in their specialty. The EVP organizes Cabinet meetings and assists Cabinet members in their initiatives. The EVP often helps Cabinet Members overcome administrative barriers in order to put their projects in motion. The second job of the Executive Vice President is to control the student government's internal affairs and maintain daily operations. The EVP helps senate members write legislation and chairs the Constitution and Bylaws Review Committee. The Executive Vice President needs to be organized, knowledgeable on all things USG, dedicated, and approachable; I am ready to take on this role!

  • First on my list

    Together we can:

    Sexual Violence Prevention

    • Create more classes for students to collaborate on projects, initiatives, and research to find solutions to sexual violence on campus
    • Increase advertisement of resources and better inform survivors of the reporting process

    Race & Inclusion

    • Highlight Tulane's commitment to an inclusive campus  by adding a question in the application about the importance of diversity
    • Work with admissions to promote scholarship opportunities to increase accessibility of Tulane
    • Adapt core requirements to include an intersectionality class 

    Health Resources

    • Incorporate more health services that are education based, such as consultations on reproductive services and  sexual assault resources
    • Increase CAPS accessibility by adding weekend on call hours, as well as providing opportunities for student advocacy to destigmatize mental health

    Representation on USG

    • Increase freshman representation on USG 
    • Create more opportunities for students to share opinions and work with members of USG

    Service Learning

    • Refocus service learning by adding a 20 hour make-your-own service learning option
    • Better tailor service learning to the class it connects to

    Advising Services

    • Improve continuity in advisors
    • Increase knowledge level of specialty advisors 
    • Make information on key academic steps, such as applying to graduate and declaring a major, more accessible
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